White paper on: Support Service Providers for People who are Deaf-Blind

Until now, people who are deaf-blind have relied on friends and family members to provide SSP support. Rarely do those family and friends have formal training. The support is not reliable. At other times, the person who is deaf-blind may have feelings about infringing on others’ time. Often, this will lead the person who is deaf-blind to change their plans or not get out into the community, rather than bothering a friend for a ride or asking a family member to assist with shopping. Unfortunately, this can lead to isolation, depression, low self-worth, and frustration on behalf of the individual who is deaf-blind. There is a better solution, which has evolved from the experiences and knowledge of the deaf-blind community and their supporters. The time to create a mature, funded, and sustainable network of support service providers has arrived.

Read the white paper here: http://aadb.org/advocacy/ssps/white_paper_ssp.html.