The Advantage of Portable Global Positioning System (GPS) for Deafblind People

Did you know that Global Positioning Systems (GPS) are available for deaf-blind people too? It's true: there is a portable GPS system available to the deaf-blind population as an add-on to notetakers such as the Braille Note, Braille Sense and the Pac Mate. All three of the above-mentioned products bring the power of GPS to the deaf-blind consumer. Whether you use speech and/or Braille output, these systems allow the deaf-blind population to access all of the information mentioned above. These Notetakers have both speech output as well as electronic Braille displays. For those with low vision, a GPS package on a mobile phone which utilizes screen magnification to enlarge the text on the phone's display is another possibility.

“One of the many uses of GPS for me is when riding a city bus. While I do have some residual hearing, I do not have any vision. This makes it challenging to hear the announcement of where the bus is stopping. With GPS, this is no longer an issue. Further, I can use the "look around" feature in my GPS package, I can tell what streets and businesses I am passing by. I can even look up a specific business address and phone number” (Scott Davert).

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