23 Information-Rich Short Videos with Assistive Technology Expert Beth Poss

Filmed in collaboration with WETA, this series of short videos on various assitive technology topics is meant to be informative for parents, teachers, and service providers to young children with disabilities. If you want to see the full playlist to choose a specific topic or video, click the top left corner of the video playlist below. Otherwise all the videos will auto-play from start to finish once you click the play button. 


Beth Poss is a faculty member for the Center on Technology and Disability and an early childhood special education administrator for Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) in Maryland. As a member of the MCPS curriculum writing team, she helped design and implement a curriculum aligned with the Common Core State Standards and the principles of Universal Design for Learning. As a certified Speech Language Pathologist, she served as a member of the MCPS assistive technology team for 10 years. Poss is also an adjunct faculty member for Johns Hopkins University, and presents nationally and internationally on best practices in professional development, early childhood special education, assistive technology, instructional technology, and Universal Design for Learning.