Sensory Substitution for the Deaf - TED Video and Some Resources on an New Field

Professor David Eagleman, a Neuroscientist at Stanford University in 2015* gave a groundbreaking TED talk explaining concepts of the brain, unlocking human perceptions, and alternative sensory input. He since has worked on developing companies using those ideas. One of those ideas is feeding sensory information to the brain, and allowing the brain to make sense of it. This has led to some interesting ideas, new scientfic possibilities, and approaches using haptic technology to provide alternative sensory information to a person for everything from music to online data. 

Watch the video, take it in, and imagine the possibilities! 

Dr. Eagleman's company that develops haptic vests can be found here:

* Many videos from 2015 could easily be considered out-moded. This video is excellent and unless you're an expert in the field, demonstrates important new concepts that still stand.