How to Use Social Thinking Materials to Teach Ages 11–22 Webinar

Social Thinking is a company that provides socialization products for people with sensory disabilities like autism or aspergers. As students shift into their tween, teen, and young adult years, they experience increasingly complex social situations and academic curricula that require more nuanced social understanding, fine-tuned critical thinking, a higher level of executive functioning, etc. In this webinar, Michelle Garcia Winner, the founder of Social Thinking, will provide valuable teaching tips and delve into the scope and sequence of using Social Thinking’s products with students ages 11-22 to improve self-regulation and social competencies.  The materials are helpful for students with social learning challenges (ranging from ASD levels 1 and 2, Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, etc.) or students who are undiagnosed yet struggle with the rapidly increasing demands of social interpretation and related social skills. Some of the materials that will be discussed include Socially Curious and Curiously Social, Social Fortune or Social Fate, and Social Thinking and Me, and more. Join us for insider tips on how to teach this age group using our products.

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