The Social Competency Model: Teaching Social Competencies, Not Only Social Skills Webinar

Many of those with challenges developing social competencies struggle with far more than learning social skills. In this webinar, Michelle Garcia Winner, the founder of Social Thinking, an organization focused on helping people with sensory disabilities and their families. Ms. Winner discusses her evidence-based Social Competency Model to bring to light a four-step developmental process to help students evolve in their social competencies. These four steps begin with organizing one’s social attention to interpret the thoughts and emotions of self and others to problem solve, make decisions, and produce the social responses that best meet one’s social goals. Michelle discusses how Social Thinking’s treatment frameworks and vocabulary encourage the development of social competencies, by explaining how lessons such as becoming a Social Detective and using superflexible thinking are part of this process. A question and answer period with those watching follows the presentation.  Viewer must register (for free) on the site to view the webinar.  

Watch the webinar here: