10 Levels to Living Independently

This article and infographic come to us from SocialThinking.com, a company that works on sensory-related disabilities. 

For many people living with disabilities, living independently doesn’t just happen. It takes planning, practice, and patience. Our definition of living independently means daily functioning without adults or peer mentors providing ongoing structure or cues. It involves flexibly reacting and responding to daily demands. Many have diagnoses such as Asperger’s syndrome, High-Functioning Autism, ADHD, Twice Exceptional (academically gifted with known learning disabilities), and a number without a diagnosis. Almost all have challenges with Executive Functioning (EF) and have had a great deal of assistance to accomplish the work required to finish high school.

Read this article to find out more: https://www.socialthinking.com/Articles?name=10-Levels-to-Living-Independently

You can also download the attached infographic accompanying the article.