TedX Video: Autism, Avatars, and Alleviating Social Skills Disorders

Humans are social beings, having conversations, making friendships and communities. Social interaction is the key to our happiness. By definition, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) struggle to be socially appropriate and connected. If offered the opportunity to socialize through an avatar, we have found that children with ASD are motivated socially. This insight has been the impetus behind the creation of SiLAS (Socially Interactive Learning Avatar Software) for Social Skills. Through our presentation This TedX video presentation “Autism, Avatars, and Alleviating Social Skills Disorders” explores how avatars give special learners the opportunity to step outside themselves to utilize and practice the skills needed to be successful socially. 

See also: https://www.ctdinstitute.org/library/2018-01-03/silas-autism-socialization-training-software