How to Try Assistive Technology with Your Infant, Toddler, or Preschooler (Yuav sim cov twj pab txhawb nrog cov me nyuam mos, cov mus taus kev, los yog cov me nyuam pib npaj kawm ntawv li cas) - Hmong

This guide, translated to Hmong, helps parents objectively evaluate and trial assistive technology to determine if it will be beneficial to their child’s skill development. The guide discusses the top five factors to observe as a child is trying new assistive technology, including: the quality of a child’s improvement, differences in the quantity of work or play, differences in the amount of time or effort the child spends on a given skill, any changes in behavior, and any changes in their level of independence. Created for PACER Center's Technology to Improve Kids Educational Success (TIKES) project.