Hearing Assistive Technology (HATS) for Children

This article discusses hearing assistive technology (HATS), frequency modulation (FM) and other technology and issues around children with hearing impairments in school. The article answers the following questions: Are there special considerations for children? What do FM systems do for children in schools? Are there other HATS used in schools? Who is qualified to determine if my child needs HATS? Is there legislation that supports the provision of HATS to children? This article explains that HATS maximize children’s hearing and learning capabilities. Further, FM systems, because of their flexibility, mobility, and sturdiness, are among the most common HATS used with children. FM systems have a wide application in educational settings. This is because of the long-recognized benefits that this technology provides in noisy places such as child care, preschool, and classroom environments.  

Link: http://www.asha.org/public/hearing/Hearing-Assistive-Technology-for-Children/