An Independent Shopping Experience for Wheelchair Users through Augmented Reality and RFID

People with physical and mobility impairments continue to struggle to attain independence in the performance of routine activities and tasks. This research article describes a study undertaken to design, develop, and evaluate potential interaction methods for motor-impaired individuals, specifically those who use wheelchairs. The researchers designed access solutions that use radio frequency identification (RFID), augmented reality (AR), and touchscreen technologies in order to help people who use wheelchairs to carry out certain tasks autonomously. In this way, they have been empowered to go shopping independently, free from reliance on others' assistance. A total of 18 wheelchair users participated in the completed study. 



Rashid, Z., Pous, R., & Norrie, C. S. (2017). An independent shopping experience for wheelchair users through augmented reality and RFID. Assistive Technology, 1-10.