21st Century Assistive Technology for Young Children: Cutting Edge Technologies that Support Children’s Access to Learning

This resource is a handout from a national presentation on new trends in assistive technology for young children. Topics covered include a diverse range of products, people, and potentials never before seen in the field. The presentation was given at the 2017 National Early Childhood Inclusion Institute in Chapel Hill, NC, by Bridget Gilormini, Sue Mistrett, and other members of the Let's Participate! Project, TIKES Project, and weeAT Project -- all OSEP-supported programs. The presentation discussed timely technology trends that are shaking up the assistive technology field and creating newfound possibilities for children with any disability. AT trends included: Wearable technology, 3D printing, the Internet of Things, telepresence and robotics, and the crowdfunding and do-it-yourself movements.