Writing With Alternative Pencils

In order for students with significant disabilities to develop as readers and writers, daily writing is equally, if not, more important.  However, this becomes a challenge when most students with significant disabilities are unable to hold a traditional pencil.  To address this challenge, the Center for Literacy & Disability Studies at UNC-Chapel Hill has developed a variety of “alternative pencils” for students with the most significant disabilities, including deaf-blindness. These two modules describe ways to get students started with writing when they cannot use a traditional pencil, pen, or computer keyboard. The content of this module applies to students at all levels of literacy understanding including students who do not yet know letter names or sounds. Self-directed module: http://dlmpd.com/writing-with-alternate-pencils/ Facilitated module: https://unc.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_8cRp4JJtW8r3CGF