32nd CSUN Assistive Technology Conference -- Presentation and Supplementary Materials

Accessibility is critical to leverage the power of technology and provide equal educational opportunities for all students, particularly those with disabilities. In this presentation, Digital Accessibility: What Education Leaders Need to Know, Tracy Gray, Ph.D. (Center on Technology and Disability) and Jose Blackorby, Ph.D., (CAST) address the following key topics: 1) What is Accessibility?, 2) Universal Design for Learning, Accessible Educational Materials, and Assistive Technology Tools, and 3) Implications for Education Leaders.


These resources were referenced and shared during the presentation:

  • Digital Accessibility Toolkit: What Education Leaders Need to Know (Toolkit)
  • 5 Things to Know About Your Role in Ensuring Accessibility (Infographic)
  • Making Content Accessible for All Students (Quick Guide)
  • Accessibility is More Than a Checklist (Quick Guide)
  • Accessibility Tools and Resources: Getting Started with Accessibility (Resource Guide)
  • Digital Accessibility: What Educators Need to Know (PPT Presentation)


Resources developed by the SEA and LEA team at CTD led by American Institutes for Research.