Summary of State Policy on Online Learning

Online learning is now pervasive in many school systems. Little is known however about how students with disabilities fare when using this educational modality. This summary gathers together policies/guidance used in seven states (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Michigan, North Carolina and Virginia) that either require online experience as part of the high school graduation or report higher number of online course enrollment. Findings indicate that the scrutinized state policies are 1) broad and inclusive and include students with disabilties served by IDEA, 2) lack specifics addressing students with disabilities in an online environment, and 3) data and information vary by state. 



Kim, K., Schiller, E., Meinders, D., Nadkarni, S., Bull, B., Crain, D., ... & Thacker, C. (2015). Summary of State Policy on Online Learning. White Paper. Version 1.0. IDEA Data Center.