2016 National Education Technology Plan: Future Ready Learning

The 2016 National Education Technology Plan (NETP) establishes a vision for "learning enabled through technology." Aligned with the Activities to Support the Effective Use of Technology (Title IV A) of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), the document is organized in 5 areas: 1) Learning—Engaging and Empowering Learning Through Technology; 2) Teaching-Teaching with Technology; 3) Leadership-Creating a Culture and Conditions for Innovation and Change; 4) Assessment-Measuring for Learning; 5) Infrastructure-Enabling Access and Effective Use. Recommendations and examples are intended primarily for teachers, administrators and professionals working in teacher preparation programs but are also applicable to post-secondary institutions, community organizations, and state-level initiatives.

Link: http://tech.ed.gov/files/2015/12/NETP16.pdf