Mobile Devices in the Inclusive Classroom (Series)

In this series of 4 webinars on Mobile Devices in the Classroom, AT Specialist Mike Marotta discusses the advantages of using mobile devices as Assistive Technology (AT) and as a means to promote inclusiveness. Webinar #1 focus on the Chrome browser as a cost-effective AT for students with disabilities and on the collaborative features of the browser. Webinar #2 is all about Accessibility issues, creation of Accessible Instrucional Materials (AEM) and selection of Apps when transitioning individuals with disabilities to work and/or higher education. Webinar #3 explores cloud-based apps and software used to expand learning opportunities to ALL learners and includes a virtual “App Smackdown” using UDL principles as a roadmap for exploration. Webinar #4 focus on the need for strong relationships between Educators and IT Professionals and the need for professional development linked to technology plans.