Digital Youth with Disabilities

Funded by the MacArthur Foundation and published in 2014 by the MIT Press in collaboration with the Monterey Institute for Technology and Education (MITE), Digital Youth with Disabilities, by Dr. Meryl Alper, synthetizes current research on the role technology plays in the lives of students with disabilities and identifies major areas for further research. The report incorporates material used by the author towards her dissertation project and participation in conference panels on education & media. The report is organized in 5 chapters: Chapter 1 discusses the digital divide and the role of families and caregivers in the selection and use of media-consistent with their cultural, ethnic and racial backgrounds; chapter 2 discusses screen time and the oversimplification of current guidelines. Chapter 3 is dedicated to a discussion about the use of media in the development of youth's social lives. Chapter 4 examines the state of the media and the difficulties parents encounter in the selection of media for youth with disabilities. Chapter 5 is dedicated to suggestions and recommendations for further research. 



Alper, M. (2014). Digital youth with disabilities. MIT Press.