Flipped Learning Network

Founded by Aaron Sams and Jon Bergmann, pioneers of flipping Science Classrooms, the Flipped Learning Network emerged in 2012 with 3 major goals: 1) serve as a hub connecting educators engaged in Flipped Learning, 2) facilitate and collaborate on research relevant to Flipped Learning, and 3) provide access to professional learning opportunities on Flipped Learning. Governed by a board of 5 directors, all with experience flipping classrooms in science and TESOL This site is for all educators involved and/or interested in the Flipping the Classroom concept. The Flipped Learning Network offers online courses on the Foundations of Flipped Learning, free webinars and a wealth of resources (original research, case studies, literature review, and open educational resources to help educators and AT professionals interested in learning more about the flipped classroom). https://flippedlearning.org/