Online Learning and Students with Disabilities: Parent Perspectives

In 2013, the Center for Research on Learning (University of Kansas) and the National Association of State Directors of Special Education (NADSE) conducted a study capturing the perspectives of parents of students with disabilities enrolled in online learning programs. The 148 recruited parents provided insights into 3 major areas: 1) Parent's perceptions of assignment of Special Educators (25% of parents did not believe a Special Educator was assigned to their child); 2) State Exams compliance (over 21% of the parents reported that their child would not take state assessments; and 3) Student readiness ( 40% of the students were taking online English and Math below grade level). Also important were findings regarding the lack of technology-based instructional methods, and use of social media, simulation, games and discussions. This study is of particular interest to Online Teachers, Curriculum Developers and Special Education teachers and administrators. 



Burdette, P. J., & Greer, D. L. (2014). Online Learning and Students with Disabilities: Parent Perspectives. Journal of Interactive Online Learning, 13(2).