Enuma (formerly LocoMotiveLabs) is a website dedicated to the development of games to enhance the digital educational experience of children with special needs. Founded by professional game developers who are also parents of a child with special needs, Enuma operates under three guiding principles: Independence, Motivation and Success. Since then the creative team has developed and launched four products: Todo Math, Todo Telling Time, Kid in Story and Todo Matrix. Todo Math focuses on practice and support in Pre-K through 2nd grade math skills, including: counting, writing numerals, addition, subtraction. The app is available at the iTunes store for free. Todo Telling Time provides playful learning opportunities for children in kindergarten through second grade to learn time telling through fun, interactive mini games. The app is free in the Kindle Store and available at iTunes and Google store for $4.99. Kid in Story Story Book Maker uses Locolens™, an image detection technology to allow personalization of stories with the superimposing of a child’s pictures onto the template background -- similar to green-screening. The child can then become the story’s narrator by recording their own voice, and can be shared via email or Dropbox. The app is available at the iTunes store for $6.99. Todo Matrix focuses on the practice of math skills such as categorization, number sense, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and fractions, and is available at iTunes for $1.99. All four apps are designed for both the iPhone and iPad and available in 6 languages (English, French, German, Korean, Japanese and Spanish).

Link: http://www.enuma.com/

Cost (as of date entered): $1.99 - $6.99