Math Village

Math Village is a collection of resources to provide mathematics support and practice for middle school students. It covers a wide range of math topics from expressions to fractions to equations. Each topic has numerous subtopics or concepts, each with a video tutorial describing the concept, example problems, and an interactive applet that helps the student step through the process of solving a sample problem. While not a stand alone teaching tool, it is an innovative option for independent, individualized support for students having difficulty mastering math concepts. The site is currently developing iPhone apps as well. MVFractions and MVIntegers are video based apps reinforcing teaching of these concepts, while MVFractionCalculator is a fraction calculator that actually shows the student's work and the steps for solving fraction problems. The web site also links to, which is a math problem practice site. The Math Village site is completely free, while the apps are $.99 each and the IXL site requires a paid subscription for teachers or families at varying rates after the first 20 problems. The videos are YouTube videos, uncaptioned, and the production quality is not great, but they combine well with the examples and applets to provide an interactive experience for students to independently reinforce math concepts.