Accessible Science: Life Science

Accessible Science: Life Science is a video tutorial presented by Kate Fraser, a science teacher at Perkins School for the Blind, which discusses how and why to make life science curricula accessible to students who have visual impairments. This series is part of the Perkins page on Accessible Science. The video consists of eight short chapters that present different ideas about how to present science materials in multisensory ways. Each video chapter is captioned and audio described. The videos also stress the importance of knowing ahead of time what the curricular concepts are so that teachers can prepare tactile models or materials that will allow students with visual impairments to access the curriculum. These tutorials offer great ideas for including multisensory materials in classrooms to enhance problem-solving and critical thinking skills for all students. The Resource page link leads to an abundance of useful information. Users can also sign up to receive notification of future webcasts and can download articles related to making curricula accessible to all students.