I'm Determined

I'm Determined is a project from the Virginia Department of Education designed to empower youth with disabilities to take charge of their lives through self-determination. Self-determination skills include self-knowledge, self-advocacy, goal-setting, decision-making and problem-solving. The project uses certain interventions to promote greater self-determination, including student participation in Individualized Education Program (IEP) meetings, goal-setting, direct instruction to develop self-determination skills, Good Day Plans that make explicit what a student needs for success day-to-day, and One-Pagers for communication about what is important about oneself. The website provides video testimonials by youth, educators, and parents about the benefits of the interventions; instructional videos, including one on the importance of assistive technology; and templates for One Pagers, Good Day Plans and IEPs. It has numerous modules and movies, all of which are related to self-determination and self-advocacy. Participants in the program are invited to an annual Youth Summit. Contact information for the program, available in Virginia, is also posted on the site. http://www.imdetermined.org/