iReadWrite is an iPad App from TextHelp. It includes a subset of the features of their popular Read & Write software to support both reading and writing, and is a departure from their previous web apps in that it does not require either a wireless or cell phone connection to work. This is a very important change, because in many school environments wireless access is either unavailable or significantly restricted. iReadWrite will import and read any text (.txt) or rich text format (.rtf) text. The "copy and paste" function works between apps. It has built-in word prediction to assist with writing and a phonetic spell checker that will identify misspelled words in red and homophones in blue for checking. A "long hold" on any word will open the dictionary for a written and spoken definition as well as an example of the word used in a sentence. The dictionary also works when reading, where a double tap provides access to the text, spoken definitions, and use in a sentence, as well as images to help with understanding. The user can customize the colors, voices and the fonts, which include Open Dyslexic. iReadWrite works with social media by exporting to email, Facebook, Twitter, and messaging. Many students benefit from the use of the program's text-to-speech function, including the powerful TextHelp applications. iReadWrite builds significantly on its earlier versions, most importantly by providing a mobile resource that is independent of internet access.

Cost (As of Date Entered): $19.95