Rewordify is a free website that makes English easier to read. In some ways it is similar to a thesaurus, but allows users to enter not just single words, but entire sentences, pages, and even websites, for clarification. Passages are preferred, as difficult words are 'rewordified' using the context of the sentence. For example, paste in "The tempest raged outside while the throng huddled inside.", and it is 'rewordified' into, "the storm raged outside while the crowd huddled inside." Students can use this tool to make passages more understandable. Simplified words are highlighted for quick comparison with the original word(s). Teachers can use this as a thesaurus-like tool and vocabulary lists are generated from every use of Rewordify. Electronic flashcards and quizzes can be generated from difficult wordlists as well as printed versions for extra practice. Rewordify has tutorials and demos to clearly explain the power of this tool. This website can also be made into an app (instructions for this are available on the website). This can be an excellent resource for students of all ability levels.