Protocol for Accommodations in Reading (PAR)

Protocol for Accommodations in Reading (PAR) provides you with all you need to make data-based reading accommodation recommendations for students who are not reading at grade level or have physical disabilities that keep them from using printed texts. PAR is a free, downloadable manual that includes a protocol for collecting data to compare different modes of reading to determine what works best for a student. PAR includes reading samples with comprehension quizzes and vocabulary samples for grades 3 through 10. Reading passages are available in Word and ePUB so they can be used by a Don Johnston reader or another text-to-speech reader such as Kurzweil or Read & Write. In addition to the manual, a recorded webinar is available which explains the use of the materials. This resource could be helpful for teachers or parents who need data to present for justification of accommodations for students who struggle with reading.