AudioNote by Luminant software combines "the functionality of note-taking and voice recording apps to create a powerful tool that will save you time while improving the quality of your notes." Using Windows, MacOS, iPhone or Android, users can take notes by typing or using a stylus while recording lectures in class. Opening a file, users can tap drawings or text and the audio recording is taken directly to that point and begins speaking, highlighting the notes as it speaks. This can be ideal for people who have difficulty with taking notes as they can use a drawing to represent what they are hearing, or simply one or two words as a reference point to return to the lecture. Notes can be saved as .WAV files so AudioNote does not have to be running to access them, and can be shared with others as well. This app could be used for individual or group study sessions. There is a Lite version available for free; it allows a user to record up to five minutes of content.


Costs (As of Date Entered): 

Windows - $19.95

Android - $5.99

iPhone (v. 2) - Free

Mac (v. 2) - $14.99