Uncommon Sense

When it comes to the complexities of parenting a child with a disability, blogs like Dana Nieder's "Uncommon Sense" are a refreshing source of accessible, family-friendly resources. "Uncommon Sense" is first and foremost a family blog and the posts are geared toward families of children with special needs rather than to the already crowded field of favorite hot button issues. The blog has a deep archive, a public Facebook page, and dozens of tags for those readers looking to find gems of specific information. The posts are honest, offering readers insight into good days and bad ones, and interactive as Nieder reaches out to the world, responds to comments, and mentions the occasional prize giveaway. The videos of daughter Maya demonstrate parental "best practices" and introduce viewers to a number of assistive technology devices. The primary focus is on Maya's use of an augmented and alternative communication (AAC) tool - Speak for Yourself - a tablet computer app. By providing blog visitors with videos of Maya's evolving use of AAC, Ms. Nieder generously shares lessons learned and tips that have maximized Maya's (and the family's) success. A former teacher, Ms. Nieder is a model for the ideal type of parent-child interaction. http://niederfamily.blogspot.com/