Teachers with Apps

Teachers with Apps is a group of individuals who consult and/or field test apps that are being developed for use by children who learn better with technology. Teachers and software developers who create apps for the iPad can pay a fee to Teachers with Apps to receive a consultation, or have them field test the new app before continuing with the process of licensing and marketing the app. This ensures that the app meets the needs of students and performs as the developer intended. It also ensures that the app meets curriculum standards. The website features a blog with discussions of current apps and issues, with archives dating back to June 2011. There are reviews of apps currently on the market as well as some free downloads for testing. Not everyone considers creating apps for education, but for those who have an interest in doing so or who want to be on the forefront of using education apps in their classrooms, this is an excellent and easy-to-navigate website with lots of information for teachers and insights for parents. Some emphasis toward students with special needs is included. http://teacherswithapps.com/