V Street

VStreet is a program designed to teach life and social skills to teens in transition. Originally developed for at-risk youth, research has shown that this tool has proven to be effective in teaching young adults many of the life skills they will need when leaving the supportive environment of homes/agencies, and finding housing, positive peer group support, obtaining and keeping a job, anger management, and more. There is a definite 'cool' factor in the modules, realistic scenarios and easy-to-remember steps to learn each skill. The site contains pdfs showing how Vstreet fulfills Job Corps Career Soft Skills Standards & Competencies and Ansell-Casey Life Skills Assessment Domains. May be helpful for children with Autism or cognitive/learning disabilities. 

Link: http://www.northwestmedia.com/websites-vstreet.jsp

Cost (As of Date Entered): $24.00/year individual, varies based on quantity