ADDitude magazine has been serving families and adults living with attention deficit disorder by publishing expert information about ADHD diagnosis & treatment, school accommodations, parenting ADD kids, getting organized with ADD, and much more. This quote from describes the resource's scope well. The website makes available a broad range of information, organized under the topics: Adult ADHD, Parenting ADHD Children, ADHD Treatment, School and Learning Disabilities, ADHD Symptoms and Diagnoses, Find Resources, and Join the Community. Each of the first 5 categories has multiple subtopics, each with relevant articles from the ADDitude magazine, posts from the ADHD blogs, expert answers, active forum conversations, and other resources. Find Resources provides alternative ways, including the search function, to find relevant web and linked content. Join the Community provides access to groups, discussions, blogs, journals, newsletters, events and videos. In addition to the print magazine and archives, select booklets (i.e., Success at School) are available for purchase on the web site. While some of the archived content is available to subscribers only, and there is some advertising supporting the site, there is also a wide variety of valuable information available without a subscription.