50 Questions About LD

50 Questions About LD is a great resource for students, families and service providers beginning to explore and understand unique and/or different learning styles. In a well-organized, frequently asked question and answer format, it guides the reader through eight chapters, from recognizing "something's not working here" to questioning, evaluating, designing and implementing appropriate tools and strategies to help all students achieve their maximum potential. The book answers significantly more than 50 questions, and adds links to a wealth of diverse resources including observational checklists, film clips on RTI, and worksheets for visiting a prospective school. This concise e-Book will benefit anyone who is interested in better understanding issues related to learning disabilities.

Link: http://static1.1.sqspcdn.com/static/f/1197017/23439092/1378237203910/LD-final-faq-e-book.pdf?token=oS70%2BQC%2B8n9Mjk09IA1qUcTu9Us%3D