Transitioning to College with Assistive Technology Involves Devices, Self-advocacy and Support from Others

Published by the Virginia Department of Education's Training and Technical Assistance Center, this article gives students tips on how to plan for a successful transition to college. Transitioning to college is a difficult process for any high school graduate but for a student who requires assistive technology due to some type of disability, the process is much more complicated and requires a lot of preparation. The article discusses when to start the transition process, how to understand individual AT needs based on IEP recommendations and the student's individual learning style, and how to evaluate college disability support programs. It also addresses the need to understand each accommodation required - especially for college testing - and how to use online resources to help identify appropriate AT one needs. Students are advised to learn beforehand about the availability of specific supports at a college, about how to maintain AT, how to stay current on new technology developments, and how to understand individual rights as a college student. There are links to resources that will benefit the high school student planning for transition, as well as the student currently using AT in college.