The Role of a School District’s Chief Information Officer: Communication, Consensus, Collaboration, Buy-Ins and Budgeting

In the U.S. public education system, no one is more on the front lines of the technology revolution than the chief information officers of school districts large and small. They are generals in the battle for the budgets needed to make our schools competitive in a high-tech world. Theirs is the technology vision that affects hundreds of thousands of students and teachers. The decisions of the teams they direct decide whether teachers will be able to bring Internet-based resources into the class, whether students will be able to collaborate online, and whether emerging technologies will be welcomed and supported or barred from the school room. Family Center on Technology and Disability is pleased to bring you the insights and experience of Maribeth Luftglass, Assistant Superintendent and Chief Information Officer for Fairfax County, VA, the 12th largest school district in the country.