James Nutall Blog

The James Nuttall Blog is presented from a first-person perspective as someone who benefits daily from assistive technology.  It focuses primarily on electronic reading devices and advocacy, particularly in schools. Dr. Nutall worked at the State of Michigan Department of Education for 30 years, and had a variety of roles within the Special Education Unit. Born two months premature in Denver, he developed an eye disease associated with prematurity, retrolental fibroplasia (RLF), which left him legally blind. While in school he had difficulties learning to read. "On a sixth grade reading test I could read only 27 words per minute," he recalls. Most people assumed the problem was low vision. But as an adult, Dr. Nuttall visited the reading clinic at the University of Chicago and received a diagnosis of dyslexia. Dr. Nuttall received his Ph.D in psychology in 1981 from Michigan State University. Recently diagnosed with ALS, Dr. Nuttall's upbeat attitude is that he "gets the opportunity to try out a variety of assistive devices."  http://www.jamesnuttall.blogspot.com