Uncommon Communication Challenges Require Uncommon Sense

Parent blogger Dana Nieder understands the jargon of the education world – with its IFSP’s, IEP’s, and inclusive classrooms. She has a graduate academic degree from The Johns Hopkins University and experience as a science teacher. She and her family have an apartment in New York City with high speed access to the Internet. So when Dana and her husband discovered that their toddler daughter with the twinkling eyes and killer smile had an undiagnosed condition that prevents her from speaking, they marshaled their resources and went looking for answers. What they found, or didn’t find, and the often tortuous twists and turns of the journey are documented by Dana in her blog Uncommon Sense. Dana Nieder shares many of the lessons her family learned (and continues to learn) and discusses the augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) tools that work for her daughter Maya. She also offers her perspective on the school-parent collaboration that needs to happen for children with disabilities to gain access to AT and achieve their full potential.