Social Media as a Community Engagement Tool: “We Use Technology to Put Us All in the Same Room”

Do you know where your hashtags are? Some of us do; some of us don’t. Some of us have no idea what the term means. Joe Mazza, Knapp Elementary School Principal, is a master user of hashtags – a way of labeling Twitter and other social media posts – so that they’re easy for their audience to find. Using Twitter and other social media tools, Mr. Mazza has done what has eluded so many school principals for decades – he has found a budget-friendly way of connecting his teachers with each other, with parents and community members, with learning opportunities, and with himself. Mr. Mazza’s school-community connections have set a “best practice” standard that has drawn local, state and national attention. He discusses why he believes so strongly that educators, administrators, and family members need to tweet, blog, post and otherwise connect throughout the day. After you read our interview with him, you may just find that you’re ready to look for those hashtags!