Integrating Instructional Technology into the Early Childhood Classroom: A Framework for Inclusive Planned Activities

Dr. Phil Parette discusses the components of the framework and need for a structured approach to technology integration, and shares some of the technology tools that he finds particularly useful.  By now the majority of the education world seems to agree – technology is powerful and can bring significant benefits to students in both general and special education classrooms, supporting a full range of abilities and challenges. Advances in technology, however, require that we re-think how we teach and learn, how we structure our class time, and how we provide equitable access to all students. Illinois State University professor Howard P. Parette and his colleague Craig Blum have attacked the problem head-on with respect to early childhood education, creating a framework for selecting and implementing appropriate technology tools into curriculum-based classroom activities. Their framework is detailed in their new textbook, Instructional Technology in Early Childhood: Teaching in the Digital Age.