Integrating Assistive Technology into Adapted Physical Education to Achieve Healthy Outcomes

Join us for this webinar to learn about adapted physical education (APE) and why it is important for students with disabilities to receive APE services.  In addition, we will review some of the major federal laws that define and mandate APE, how to effectively advocate for services, and how assistive technology can positively impact services. We will discuss a variety of assistive technology devices for a wide range of disabilities and how they can help students access to physical education curriculum and be physically active. Learn about apps specially designed to help students with disabilities be active, the use of communication devices to communicate effectively in a physical education setting, and the use of specially designed equipment for specific sports.

Scott McNamaraScott McNamara is currently finishing his dissertation at Texas Woman’s University and will be joining the University of Northern Iowa next fall as an assistant professor with a specialty in adapted physical education (APE). Prior to pursuing his PhD, Scott was an adapted physical educator and special education in the Detroit, Michigan area. Scott’s passion is to improve awareness of the importance of adapted physical education for children with special needs. As a graduate student at Wayne State University in 2013, Scott analyzed Camp Abilities throughout the nation and developed Camp Abilities Michigan, a sports and recreational program designed for individuals with visual impairments. In addition, Scott has developed the “What’s new in APE” podcast providing insight into the profession through interviews panels of APE professionals. Through the blog, easily receiving updates and best practices regarding the adapted physical education profession. Scott has published multiple articles and presented throughout the nation. Scott’s research topics include educational leadership perspectives on children with disabilities physical education programs and the use of podcasts to inform others about the important of APE. Scott plans on continuing his research and studies in order to reach more students with disabilities and ensure they receive services that will empower them to reach their fullest potential.

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Tuesday, August 7th, 2018 - 4:00pm EDT
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