Assistive Technology (AT) Tools for Writing

For some students, writing can be a very hard skill to master. Whether a student struggles with getting their thoughts down on paper, spelling, grammar, or preparing bibliographies, assistive technology--or AT--can help. Through the use of AT, students can minimize their frustration with writing by using ‘alternative pencils’, or a different way of writing via tools that support various aspects of the writing process, to show what they know. This workshop for parents will focus on assistive technology to aid in writing for students with disabilities of all ages. Tools that will be demonstrated include Smartpens, apps, Chrome extensions, and more.

Tina Hanson is an Assistive Technology Specialist for the PACER Simon Technology Center. She coordinates EX.I.T.E. (EXploring Interests in Technology and Engineering) Camp and the Technology for Girls workshop series, both of which focus on encouraging middle school girls with disabilities to pursue interest in STEM. Tina also conducts AT consultations, in-services, and workshops for parents and professionals on a variety of topics. Her specialty areas include reading, writing and alternative access methods. Before coming to PACER, Tina worked for the University of Minnesota where she created a community-based computer training program to help people build their computer skills in hopes of gaining employment.

Paul Sanft is an Assistive Technology Specialst for the PACER Simon Technology Center. He coordinates the Tech for Teens Club where teen boys and girls with disabilities learn about coding, programming, website development, robotics, and 3D printing.  Paul also conducts AT consultations, in-services, and workshops for parents and professionals on a vareity of topics. He specializes in technology for transition-aged youth and adults.

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Tuesday, February 20th, 2018 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm EST
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