Assistive to Inclusive: Technology Perspectives & Trends

Presenter: Richard Ellenson

Assistive technology has been an important and critical tool in enabling students with disabilities participate on a level playing field in education and life. The evolution from “assistive" to “inclusive" technologies available to support maximum success and involvement for all students holds even more potential moving forward. This webinar will look at technologies developed, lessons learned, and most importantly the tools and techniques still needed moving forward, from the unique perspective of Richard Ellenson.

For the better part of two decades, Richard has been immersed in assistive technology. After the birth of his son Thomas, he left his advertising career to give maximum attention to his roles as father, advocate, educator, inventor, developer and vendor; all focused on providing his son the most inclusive and successful educational environment possible. I these roles, he has experienced, and had significant impact on, the evolution of inclusive technologies. Working to increase access for his son, he needed tools that he could not find, and developed and marketed tools for verbal and written communication, math, computer access and others. He has also been involved in numerous high profile activities and campaigns to help change societies perceptions of disabilities.

In this webinar, Richard will use these experiences and unique perspectives to illustrate the observed and anticipated trends from assistive to inclusive and beyond, consider where we have progressed and where we are still lacking, and share his vision of the role of technologies in education and the potential for inclusion moving forward.

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Wednesday, May 11th, 2016 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm EDT
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In this webinar, Richard Ellenson talks about his experiences and perspectives to illustrate the observed and anticipated trends from Assistive to Inclusive Technology and beyond.