AT and the IEP

Are you a parent or family member of a child with an IEP? Do you work with students with disabilities and their families? This family-oriented webinar will provide valuable ideas on how to advocate for assistive technology devices and services designed to help students be successful at school. Among the questions that Ms. Lightner will address are:

  • What is assistive technology?
  • How do I learn what types of AT might help my child?
  • How do I get AT added to my child's IEP?

Lisa LightnerLisa Lightner is a Family Advocate for Special Education Families in Chester County. She has previously worked for the Arc and has served on the Board of Directors for several disability-related organizations. Currently she is her county's chairperson for the Right to Education Task Force, a federally decreed group set up in 1971 to ensure that all children in Pennsylvania had the opportunity to an education. When not attending IEP meetings with families or lobbying in Harrisburg and DC for disability rights, she can be found on the web at her IEP advice blog, A Day in our Shoes. 

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Thursday, March 29th, 2018 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm EDT
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Phone #: 866-668-0721
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