AT and Accommodations in Post-Secondary Education, Supporting Successful Transition

Diana Petschauer, M.Ed., ATP, CEO - AT for Education; RESNA certified
Alyssa Marinaccio, M.Ed., AT Coordinator for the Office of Disability Services at UCONN, RESNA Certified
Diana Petschauer, M.Ed., ATP  & Alyssa Marinaccio, M.Ed.

Transition from high school to college is a significant and critical time in a student's life and educational career. This webinar will inform participants of strategies and resources to help ensure that the transition is a successful one! Learn about the different assistive technology options for students in high school and college.  Free and low-cost AT options, self-advocacy and awareness skills, and IEPs vs 504 will be discussed. The presenters will share their knowledge on how to seek accommodations in college including: when to start; what to ask for, who to contact, and what documentation colleges require. Learn the process for registering with the Disabilities Services Office. Information regarding the acquisition of accessible versions of textbooks will also be shared (as this differs from the high school process).  Assistive technology options will be demonstrated including literacy support, note taking support, executive function support, and support for sensory and physical disabilities. 

This information is incredibly helpful for high school students, parents, transition coordinators, Vocational Rehabilitation counselors, school counselors/ advisors, high school educators & special educators.  Many resources will be shared for participants to refer back to and use immediately.


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Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 - 5:00pm to 6:30pm EDT
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Call-in information: 1-866-668-0721
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Cafe Event
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AT Specialists Diana Petschauer and Alyssa Marinaccio provide parents and educators with insightful resources and strategies to help ensure that the transition from high school to college is a successful one!