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Part I: The ABCs of Accessibility and Accommodations in State Assessments
Webinar - 04/29/16
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Event Summary: In this comprehensive webinar on educational assessments, Martha Thurlow, Sheryl Lazarus, and Laurene Christensen (NCEO) discuss the role played by technology.
AT and Accommodations in Post-Secondary Education, Supporting Successful Transition
Webinar - 04/20/16
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Event Summary: AT Specialists Diana Petschauer and Alyssa Marinaccio provide parents and educators with insightful resources and strategies to help ensure that the transition from high school to college is a successful one!
UDL and Born Accessible Learning Resources: What State Leaders Need to Know
Webinar - 03/30/16
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Event Summary: In this webinar, Jamie Basham, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Special Education at the University of Kansas, co-founder of the UDL Implementation Research Network (UDL-IRN), addresses the idea that learning environments should be designed for all learners with a specific focus on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and “born accessible” learning resources.
Notetaking Technologies for Middle School, High School, College, and Beyond
Webinar - 03/22/16
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Event Summary: AT Consultant Shelley Haven demonstrates notetaking and knowledge organization tools to help students who have learning differences, including smartpens, digital notebooks, annotation software, and multifunctional apps. The presentation describes notetaking and study strategies that leverage these technologies for students, parents and professionals that support them.
Living independently with a cognitive disability: How technology can help
Webinar - 02/11/16
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Event Summary: Presenter: Daniel K. Davies, Founder and President of AbleLink Technologies, Inc. Technology offers a world of opportunity for individuals with cognitive disabilities who are seeking to live independently. This presentation gives parents and professionals a greater awareness of the many ways person-centered technology can support the skills needed for independent living.
AT and App support for Executive Function: Middle School through Post-Secondary
Webinar - 01/20/16
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Event Summary: Presenter: Diana Petschauer, M.Ed., ATP and Stacy Driscoll, M.Ed, ATP In this webinar, Diana and Stacy demonstrate alternative ways to use AT to improve executive function and share apps that can assist adolescents in their journey towards academic achievement and independent living.
iPad as Vehicle for Authentic Musical Expression: Empowered Leadership Through Creative Thought and Self – Expression
Webinar - 11/19/15
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Event Summary: In this webinar, Adam Goldberg demonstrates the use of iPad Apps to teach students with disabilities to play musical instruments using touchscreen technology, manipulate sounds, communicate and concentrate. Mr. Goldberg also shares innovative ways to use iPad as an instrument take students with disabilities on a journey of self discovery that opens doors to pathways of self – acceptance, self – confidence, and Empowered Leadership.