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Supporting Students with Dyslexia: Standards, Accommodations, and Strategies
Webinar - 06/02/16
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Event Summary: In this webinar, AT Specialists Diana Petschauer and Kelsey Hall demonstrated AT tools to support students who experience dyslexia with regard to developing goals and choosing appropriate accommodations as part of student's’ individualized education plans (IEPs); and discussed interventions designed to close achievement gaps by providing well-researched programming that is explicit, systematic, and multi-sensory in nature, with plenty of opportunities for practice.
BeSpoke voices: Empowering personal and social self-identity for those who rely on speech generating devices to communicate
Webinar - 05/26/16
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Event Summary: VocaliD’s breakthrough speech technology BeSpoke Voices is the focus of this webinar presented by Dr. Rupal Patel- Speech Scientist and Technologist. BeSpoke Voices leverages years of research to create custom crafted voices by blending only 2-3 seconds of the recipient’s voice (the Vocal DNA) with recordings of a matched speaker from its crowd sourced Human VoiceBank. BeSpoke voice captures the clarity of the matched speaker but the vocal identity of the recipient so s/he can be heard through his/her own voice.
Assistive to Inclusive: Technology Perspectives & Trends
Webinar - 05/11/16
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Event Summary: In this webinar, Richard Ellenson talks about his experiences and perspectives to illustrate the observed and anticipated trends from Assistive to Inclusive Technology and beyond.
Part II: Accessibility and Accommodations Challenges in Technology-Based State Assessments
Webinar - 05/09/16
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Event Summary: Lead by Martha Thurlow, Ph.D., Director of the National Center on Educational Outcomes, this presentation highlights challenges currently faced by states implementing technology-based assessments.
Part I: The ABCs of Accessibility and Accommodations in State Assessments
Webinar - 04/29/16
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Event Summary: In this comprehensive webinar on educational assessments, Martha Thurlow, Sheryl Lazarus, and Laurene Christensen (NCEO) discuss the role played by technology.
AT and Accommodations in Post-Secondary Education, Supporting Successful Transition
Webinar - 04/20/16
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Event Summary: AT Specialists Diana Petschauer and Alyssa Marinaccio provide parents and educators with insightful resources and strategies to help ensure that the transition from high school to college is a successful one!
UDL and Born Accessible Learning Resources: What State Leaders Need to Know
Webinar - 03/30/16
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Event Summary: In this webinar, Jamie Basham, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Special Education at the University of Kansas, co-founder of the UDL Implementation Research Network (UDL-IRN), addresses the idea that learning environments should be designed for all learners with a specific focus on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and “born accessible” learning resources.