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Funding AT for K-12
Webinar - 01/11/17
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Event Summary: Assistive technology (AT) can change the lives of students with disabilities, helping them reach their full potential. Yet the rubber meets the road when it is time to pay for AT devices and services, and information about AT funding is often hard to find. In this important webinar, Chris Gibbons discusses AT funding sources for children with and without IEPs. He provides information on 3rd party funding, offering specific examples and providing participants with useful resources.
AT Assessment Tools & Interventions: Tots Can Tech Too!
Webinar - 12/13/16
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Event Summary: In this webinar, experienced AT professionals demonstrate how to develop and conduct AT assessments, and implement activities in early childhood classrooms and at home to make participation and learning accessible to all students!
Technology Solutions for Early Childhood Symposium - The Future is Now
Webinar - 11/29/16
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KinderTEK: Research and Evidence-based Technology for Early Math Instruction
Webinar - 10/05/16
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Event Summary: In this webinar, Dr. Strand Cary presents KinderTEK, a technology-based intervention system that provides engaging and individualized instruction to support all students struggling with math concepts. KinderTEK is a complete Math support system with embedded reporting tools and student management, individualized instruction for exploration and sequencing modes. Participants have full access to KinderTEK app as an independent beta test or study participant.
Innovations in STEM Education: Technology to Support Students with Autism
Webinar - 09/15/16
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Event Summary: Brought to you by the U.S. Dept. of Education’s Offices of Special Education Programs and STEM Initiatives. Presenters shared their leading-edge research and experience in developing technology supports to give students with autism access to STEM curricula and activities.
Gathering STEAM: Planning for Inclusion with UDL
Webinar - 08/24/16
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Event Summary: Ever wondered about how deconstructing a traditional lesson plan could lead to a more inclusive learning environment? Using UDL principles framed by CCSS, Luis Perez & Kendra Grant walk the deconstructing lesson plan path and explore processes to design inclusive lessons to meet academic needs of all learners.
3-D Printing in Education: Building New Pathways for Learning
Webinar - 06/14/16
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Event Summary: Many people learn best by experiencing information in a variety of ways. For some reading about a topic or listening to a lecture might be best, but for those who learn differently, having physical objects to explore and experiment with might be that key to opening up learning opportunities. In this webinar, Dr. Lisa Wadors Verne of Benetech Global Literacy discusses the exciting implication of adding tactile learning into the equation with 3D printing. Dr. Verne will give an overview of the who, what, when and how to use 3D printing to help students learn and much more.
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