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Succeeding on the Job: Using Technology to Boost the Skills Employers Want
Webinar - 08/30/17
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Event Summary: Once you have the job, it's important to be able to meet your employer’s expectations. Assistive technology (AT) can play an important role on the job in a wide variety of work environments. In this webinar with Sarah Giffen-Hunter and Paul Sanft, learn about tools and strategies to support essential work performance, such as being on time, communicating, following directions, staying organized, and completing tasks.
Resources on Assistive Technology for Families
Webinar - 08/29/17
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Event Summary: Learn about a wide range of valuable resources available from the Center on Technology and Disability, presented by the PACER Center.
Assistive Technology Tools to Meet Student Needs in the Classroom
Webinar - 08/23/17
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Event Summary: Sharon Plante joined us to demonstrate the accessibility features available in a range of devices that can empower students to be independent in completing assignments. Learn about valuable apps, websites and resources across academic areas. Take away practical ideas to support all learners in your classroom.
Handheld Technology Supports and Transition to Employment
Webinar - 05/30/17
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Event Summary: Learn from expert Carrie Clawson, OTR/L, ATP, how handheld technology (as assistive technology) can help when navigating the transition to employment.
State Perspective: How Utah is Strengthening Its Infrastructure to Support Accessible Materials
Webinar - 05/23/17
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Event Summary: As states and districts across the nation increase their use of technology to support instruction and communication, the issue of accessible content for students, families, and community members with disabilities needs to be front and center in the decision making process. Addressing digital accessibility takes a team-based approach. Our panelists from Utah discuss accessibility challenges, the overarching infrastructure they developed on a state level, and break down the process they’ve established to ensure that materials are accessible to all audiences. 
AT and Apps to Support Learners with Autism
Webinar - 04/05/17
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Event Summary: In this webinar Diana Petschauer and Stacy Driscoll demonstrated and discussed various apps and AT options, including wearable technology to support students with autism, to foster engagement, inclusion, independence and success in the educational environment.
Technology Consideration and Assessment for Secondary Students
Webinar - 02/16/17
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Event Summary: In this webinar with AT specialist Chris Bugaj, participants discuss and practice a method of assessing student needs that incorporates tools and strategies that take the least restrictive approach.