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Revisioning Inclusive Classroom Environments with AT
Webinar - 01/17/18
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Event Summary: Learn to create an environment in which students who use AT do not feel as though they stand out in a negative way. Dr. Ray Heipp shared techniques to help teachers, therapists, administrators, and aides--from preschool classrooms to high school advanced placement courses--feel confident in creating your own inclusive activities for students.
What You Need to Know: Transitioning to Higher Ed for Students with Disabilities
Webinar - 01/10/18
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Event Summary: Getting ready to attend college is daunting for every student and their family. It's like preparing to travel to a new place you’ve never been before. In this webinar, Alice Wershing discussed the differences between available accommodations in Higher Education versus those offered in K-12 settings via IEP's or 504 plans.
Use Audio & Video to Engage Students and Promote UDL
Webinar - 12/13/17
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Event Summary: Teachers often report that they are able to more effectively differentiate instruction with the use of technology. How can we do this with the classroom technology available today? How can we promote Universal Design for Learning in our classrooms? Mike Marotta explored the range of tools - both websites and apps - that are available to provide multiple means of engagement, representation and action / expression. Whether we are using these tools to share content or to amplify student voices, there is no denying that students are engaged by audio and video.
Giving Instant Feedback to Disabled Students with Technology to Create Engagement and Motivation
Webinar - 12/07/17
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Event Summary: Instant feedback can help alleviate some of the frustration that disabled students feel and reinforce positive learning behaviors. This webinar explored several online student response systems in the classroom, as well as the psychology of instant feedback and the positive effect it has on students with disabilities, with the use of the technology. John F. O'Sullivan, a librarian and Assistive Technology specialist with Chelmsford Public Schools, explained some of the technologies that teachers can use to engage all types of learners in the classroom.
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Accessibility in Higher Education
Webinar - 12/06/17
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Event Summary: Watch this webinar with Kirk Behnke to explore ideas and strategies on how accessibility can be promoted through the framework of Universal Design for Learning (UDL). Learner variability and cognitive neuroscience, the cornerstones of UDL, also support accessible education and a framework for how faculty and staff can incorporate accessible designs into their curriculum and learning environments.
AAC Implementation Plans: Preparing for Successful Communication
Webinar - 12/05/17
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Event Summary: Learn from Laura Kessel, a speech-language pathologist and AAC specialist, how to develop and utilize an Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Implementation Plan to support communication across activities or settings. Components of this plan include descriptions of tools and strategies, each team members' responsibilities, and detailed communicative expectations for specific activities. These plans can be used as a framework for team discussion, training, and a launching point for data collection.
Call to Action: Addressing Digital Accessibility
Webinar - 11/28/17
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Event Summary: As states and districts across the nation increase their use of technology to support instruction and communication, it is critical that digital content and websites are accessible to all students, families, and community members. In this webinar, Rebecca Peterson, Alise Crossland, and Kristin Ruedel discussed what digital accessibility means for you as a state education leader, accessibility policies and guidelines, and how you can build a team to be proactive about addressing accessibility issues.