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Call to Action: Addressing Digital Accessibility
Webinar - 11/28/17
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Event Summary: As states and districts across the nation increase their use of technology to support instruction and communication, it is critical that digital content and websites are accessible to all students, families, and community members. In this webinar, Rebecca Peterson, Alise Crossland, and Kristin Ruedel discussed what digital accessibility means for you as a state education leader, accessibility policies and guidelines, and how you can build a team to be proactive about addressing accessibility issues.
Transition Tech Tools to Empower Your Student
Webinar - 11/16/17
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Event Summary: With the explosion of apps, devices, web-based technologies, and similar innovations, individuals, their families, and their network of caregivers have a variety of options to consider and thus, employ. This session with Prof. Sean Smith from the University of Kansas focused on exploring solutions through various demands that the home, workplace, post-secondary educational environment, and the community places on individuals with disabilities.
Making it Happen: Addressing Digital Accessibility
Webinar - 11/14/17
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Event Summary: Given that the law requires districts to provide accessible materials, including curricular content and websites to students and the community, it is essential for educators and district leaders to learn about resources, tips, and other information to build accessibility into educational materials and services. Join experts Holly Doe, Mike Jamerson, Alise Crossland, and Tracy Gray to hear from district leaders who have made accessibility a cornerstone of learning in their school district. 
Technologies and Strategies to Help Students Start, Focus, and Finish Strong
Webinar - 11/08/17
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Event Summary: Teachers expect students to have sufficient executive functioning skills, yet, they are rarely taught in the classroom. Using Dr. Thomas Brown's model of executive function, Todd Hanson from the Groves Academy explored the processes and tools available to help in the areas of activation, focus, effort, emotion, memory and action.
Feature Matching of Apps for Students with Disabilities
Webinar - 10/25/17
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Event Summary: In this webinar, Dr. Therese Willkomm demonstrated various tools, resources, and strategies to select the most appropriate apps for students with disabilities based upon their desired outcomes, environments, and abilities. Participants learned how to perform an app analysis based on measurable student goals and the various capabilities required to effectively use apps for their intended goal.
Fifty Ways to Reach Your Learners Using UDL as a Guide
Webinar - 10/03/17
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Event Summary: In this fast-paced and playful webinar, Judith Schoonover and Sally Norton-Darr proposed more than 50 strategies to ACCESS information using UDL as a guide, helping teachers develop multi-modal materials to introduce or expand upon information that is taught in the classroom. These practices engage students and set the stage for meaningful learning, which produces a greater understanding of concepts.
Writing Strategies for the Reluctant Writer, Including Dysgraphia
Webinar - 09/19/17
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Event Summary: Some students experience difficulties with language arts, and may find it difficult to participate in class assignments and activities. Here, Regina Richards, M.A., explored some of the reasons students develop a reluctance to express themselves in writing, including complications with Dysgraphia. Learn a variety of high-tech and low-tech strategies that may be immediately implemented in the classroom.