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Going Google! Using Google & Chrome Supports as AT
Webinar - 02/03/15
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Event Summary: Part I of the series "All Things Google" with AT Specialist Mike Marotta, "Using Google & Chrome Supports and AT" webinar focused on the Chrome browser and the ways in which Chromebooks can be used as a cost effective Assistive Technology tool for students with disabilities. Included were also discussions on the portability of all apps and extensions; the ability to have all Chrome apps and extensions synch across devices; the collaborative nature of Chrome and use of alternative access.
Cafe Discussion: Going Google!
Unleashing the Power of Innovation for Assistive Technology - Feedback from the Field
Webinar - 01/06/15
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Event Summary: In this webinar, Alise Brann and Tracy Gray of the American Institutes for Research (AIR) shared survey results and comments from stakeholders in the field on the future of state of the art assistive technology.
Foundations of Assistive Technology
Webinar - 01/05/15
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Event Summary: John Newman, AT Specialist at the PACER Simon Technology Center, presented an overview of Assistive Technology (AT) and the ranges of technology available. He also discussed the need for understand and implement the SETT framework. Watch the webinar recording to learn more about assistive technology basics and more!
Unleashing the Power of Innovation for Assistive Technology – Where have we been and where are we headed?
Webinar - 12/12/14
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Event Summary: In this webinar Alise Brann and Tracy Gray of the American Institutes for Research (AIR) discussed state of the art assistive technology – what that means, where we’ve been, and where the field is going.
American Sign Language Tools
Webinar - 12/10/14
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Event Summary: Dr. Corinne Vinopol, President of the Institute for Disabilities Research and Training, Inc. (IDRT), presented the new website "American Sign Language" and its new features": myASL Dictionary, mySignGenerator, myConceptGenerator, myASLGames, myASLPublisher and myASLTemplate.
Cafe Discussion: ASL Software Tools
Providing Assistive Technology Support and Technical Assistance
Webinar - 11/18/14
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Event Summary: Hosted by AT Specialists Joey Wallace, Paul Galonsky and Jason Luciano from the RESNA Catalyst Project, this webinar discussed RESNA Catalyst Project goals and resources; and discussed the statewide assistance program, availability of resources and access to services. The project is funded by the Rehabilitation Services Administration, U.S. Department of Education.